How to use OBS Virtual Camera For Zoom, Meet and Teams

The use of broadcasting software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS becomes its own container in presenting multimedia content that is more interesting and neatly conceptualized, one of which has a virtual camera obs feature.

What can be displayed is quite good how OBS translates content on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twich, or Facebook gaming.

There is one condition where content on an OBS work screen must be displayed also to a virtual meeting platform such as zoom, Microsoft Teams, or google meet, skype and it can be done with the help of a Virtual Camera that can be installed on OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS.

What is an OBS Virtual Camera

OBS virtual camera is an artificial utility that can be used to display obs work windows to platforms that are integrated with camera input media, such as zoom, teams, or google meet that can display participants’ faces if they have activated it like a webcam.

Simply put, the virtual camera will bridge obs with other media so that it’s as if input from the user directly from the system, more clearly let’s demo how it works.

Obs virtual camera

Community support and system updates help its development become easier, here’s how you can install a virtual camera on obs or streamlabs obs

OBS Studio

To install a virtual camera on obs Studio then there is a package that is needed or we need additional install packages because by default in some versions of the tool is not available, the way is quite easy, the stages:

  1. Make sure OBS Studio is installed on the device
  2. Download Virtual camera that can be found on the obs studio forum there, then click Sourcecode to download it or download the link
  3. Get files with .exe extension for the windows installer version or Zip windows installer to get a more secure file.
    obs virtual camera
  4. After downloading, perform the installation process as usual on windows devices, Select Next or yes until it is complete
  5. If successful then the virtual camera start menu will be added in the lower right menu of the window near the start streaming and Recording.

Streamlabs OBS

The installation process on OBS streamlabs is quite easy than OBS Studio because the system has presented users only need to install and activate it as needed, here is the complete process:

  1. Make sure Streamlabs OBS is installed on the device
  2. Open the app, go to settings with the gear icon at the bottom left of the app window screen
  3. Scroll down and search for the virtual cam menu > Install Virtual Webcam, Use administrator access to install it
    streamlabs virtual camera
  4. and to use it click the virtual start webcam in the same menu

Using Virtual CAM

Selah install the use step is fairly easy, users just select and switch the source of the camera used to virtual camera obs or streamlabs depending on the software used, here is a demo:


Virtual Cam on Zoom

  1. Please enable the Installed Virtual Cam, for example using streamlabs
  2. Setting before coins to the meeting, go to the zoom settings menu > video > Select the camera “Streamlabs OBS Virtual Webcam” adjust if using OBS Studio
  3. If you have joined the meeting, switch the camera to virtual webcam
  4.  adjust and finish.

Microsoft Teams

  1. Enable virtual camera to get started
  2. Before joining, select the source camera with the virtual camera from streamlabs and enable
  3. If you have joined the meeting, please switch the integrity of the camera to the virtual camera from streamlabs or obs studio
  4. adjust and finish

Google Meet

  1. enable virtual camera from streamlabs or obs studio
  2. Go to google meet settings and change the integration of the camera to the virtual camera

The use of virtual cameras makes the integration of obs to other media can be done easily, users can adjust the move by adjusting the existing scene directly in the obs application, very easily is not it.

There are other additional input media such as sounds that must be combined with virtual sound as well, so that when playing video in obs sound can go to zoom, meet or teams, the application can be downloaded in Virtual-audio-cable.

Get to know more about the advantages of streamlabs compared to OBS Studio or find the right settings if you’re a loyal user of OBS Studio.

This step can work also for other applications such as Skype,, and others. read more obs Virtual camera