OBS Studio Features for Broadcast and Streaming

Obs Studio(Open Broadcaster Software)is a free and open-source media stream and record platform,   adorning the multi-media world, which is often close to the great thing in presenting multimedia content.

Combat weapons will concoct several functions of audio, video, media in one container that is quite light and easy to use, therefore its users are very much, even more so to be a unifying people that is by being presented for free

Great creative content like YouTubers,  Facebook gaming, and others will really take advantage of this software. Let’s find out more about software with a fan logo with this black background.

Get to know OBS Studio More Closely

OBS Studio is a broadcast software to meet streaming and recording needs, Mix Media features can be combined with a fairly elegant look with dark mode frames that add a firm impression in presenting professional broadcasting needs.  

You can install it on a computer or PC with pleasure without having to engage with licenses or activations that are quite draining of the mind and wallet, this is perfect for those of you who are new to the world of Broadcasting.

obs stuio feature

Features in OBS Studio Software

From the beginning the author mentions the power of this studio OBS, but not attached in detail? well we will know the features with some main talking points, including:

1. Get OBS Studio For Free

You can install this software for free, by visiting the web services at obsproject.com. Although this software is free you can appreciate the work of the creator by making a donation to the menu available on the web page.

2. Multi-Platform Suppor

This is quite welcomed by other users such as the sometimes forgotten macOS operating system with incompatible, which makes such perceptions forgotten, but the fact is not so because the construction of the system on the MacOs platform requires extra power and devices that are not cheap.

You MacOs users are happy to be able to run this software with series 10.12 and above yes, recommended to install it.

3. Support Many Media Sources

Add an easy source media source, you can do, such as wanting to display the appearance of an application window, chrome web browser, or full-screen activity. An easy process to do so, where you first open the media source displayed, after which click  “+ “ and select the available menu as a reference, in addition, you can add unlimited scene layer.

5. Easy Layout Presets

Supported by a UI system that allows setting resets for menus and features according to the desired usage.

Impressions to display multiple media source windows can be done, this makes an impression that is not rigid and user friendly.

Adjustments to the precision of the media display can be fulfilled, in addition, chroma-key system that can adjust the background of the object, thus making it blend with the display window without any barriers between windows.

6. Varied Audio Management

Audio-in and  Out devices can be displayed from built-in or enhancements such as mic recorders that can be adjusted to their suitability level in capturing sound. This audio mix that can be done, can give the impression of a professional sound layer if you know very well how to present it.

7. Offsetting Internet Speed For Stable Stream

CPU usage is characterized by color indicators, such as green, orange and red, where green signifies good conditions and subsequent color levels indicate unfavorable levels.

Integration with multiple platforms, allowing for a fun and easy streaming, just a YouTuber adds a stream key on the OBS to start the broadcast.

Supported by a studio mode that can provide users with an overview of settings and screen preview on one screen, you will be excited to immediately start clicking the streaming start.

Some other software sometimes makes output results that are not in accordance with internet speed when streaming, but with OBS Studio try to prove it yourself yes.

8. Create An Elegant Video Recording

The use and combination of media source displays can give an interesting impression to a video result, with the settings you have adjusted, just click the start recording to start and stop recording to end.

Do not forget to have previously adjusted the video results settings of the recordings you have made yes, MP4, MKV with the desired level.

9. Additional Resource Support

Features that are already available can be added again with resources that have been provided, such as stores or plugins. Please add as needed, many professional features can be done with this software.

Disadvantages of OBS Studio

Each thing has its own advantages and disadvantages, although the percentage rate is much different. Here are the shortcomings, based on the author’s experience while using it.

  1. It will run smoothly on devices with Windows 7 operating system and above and requires a considerable memory allocation.
  2. Computer devices are fitting but in manufacturing, sometimes produce a broken video output.
  3. Still finding bugs like media sources doesn’t want to be added, but for newer series, it seems to be diminishing.


OBS Studio is a free broadcasting software used for streaming or recording video with the carrying capacity of audio, video, and other media sources. An elegant look with dark mode shades is in line with its user-friendly usage rate. read more obs studio media streaming

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