How to set Mobile Camera to Webcam For OBS Studio

Modern phone devices or smartphones are known to have advanced features and performance,   both from application support and  Hardware, therefore making the camera so webcam is not impossible.

Cameras on smartphones are quite good quality,   even some can beat the camera installed directly on the laptop.

Clarity, autofocus, dual rear front camera, and other additions make the Smartphone suitable to be used as a high definition (HD) screenshot media.

How to Make your  PHONE  Camera a  Webcam

The popularity of virtual meeting media applications such as zoom,  .id, and the rise of  YouTubers who use  OBS studio software,  makes the need for webcams higher.

Buying a  good  Webcam 720p – HD,   arguably quite a range of  100-600  Thousand on some brands.

 Therefore,  the use of  HP  cameras so webcam is a   smart choice,  in addition to saving costs, input media will be simplified,  because not only can it support the camera but sound capture can be input.

set a Mobile Camera to Webcam For OBS Studio

There are several conditions and support that must be met to make  HP  a computer or laptop webcam.   Such as the use of third-party applications and the use of the same wifi network.  Setting  steps to add it  to  OBS Studio:

Settings on a Smartphone

An addition of third-party applications needs to be added to support this task,     arguably as an intermediary between two devices. Stages:

  1. Download and install the DroidCam app that can be obtained on Google  Playstore.
  2. Open the App and Connect the  Smartphone with the Wifi Connection, which will also be used by laptop or computer devices over the LAN network.
  3. Copy the IP Address address and input it later in the PC Version  Droidcam application.
  4. Set the camera to be used front or back. Usually, the quality of the rear camera is better on some brands,  so it is quite recommended,  the rest only need to adjust its position facing backward if used to capture the face of the streamer.
  5. Another option for connectivity can be via USB debugging, the requirement is that the smartphone must go into developer mode.

Settings on the PC/Laptop used.

Client display   adjustments from smartphones can be  adjusted  on  desktop applications,   either  adding  applications such as  obs  studio  or other media, the full review  is as  follows:

  1. Download the Droidcam app For PC, Customize the operating system used e.g. windows or Linux on the  Dev47Apps Web page.
  2. Complete the installation process, and open the Droidcam Application.
  3. Connect Devices on the Same Network, which is also used by smartphones that will be used as  WebCamcameras.
  4. Access IP address used on droid cam smartphone and port. The connecting process starts when the start button is pressed,  don’t forget to check the sound and video input source.
  5. Open STUDIO OBS Software, Add new media sources  by clicking    the “+” icon>  Select Video Capture Device  >  name    for example “droid cam”>  Point the source  device  to  the droid cam  >  OK

Cameras from  Smartphone sources with  DroidCam collaboration can also be displayed directly from the PC client application.  Therefore,  it can also be used as a camera medium at zoom virtual meetings,   not only video but audio will be attached to the capture area.

Portrait or landscape mode can be adjusted from the placement of the position of the smartphone or layout adjustments on the obs software to be displayed.

Access methods on the same network won’t consume as much bandwidth as they use local access,   so don’t worry about slowing down other devices connected to the same network.

It’s like sharing hardware access to a  printer,  the difference is that the optical media of the camera can be accessed from other devices connected to the same network region.

 Therefore,  make sure the connection of both occurs in the same region,  lest the smartphone separate by using connectivity from cellular data.

Syncing needs to include its network access port to be successful and display the appropriate information from the camera source on the smartphone. The step of making a hp camera so a webcam is very easy to do,  anyone can follow the steps independently without the help of others. find more cara setting kamera hp jadi webcam obs