How to use handbreak To edit video

In line with changing the video format, format or extension is the frame on a file in describing the type, formulation, and functional in computerization. In the video file itself, there are several extension divisions such as 3gp, MP4, and MKV with quality levels such as 360p, HD, and 4K.

Its use, more glanced at devices that support to run and manage it, such as MKV which is prioritized for PC users, mobile devices will have difficulty accessing it.

The picture makes it important in determining a video format before producing it, but what if it is already? Calm in moving files can use software or web tools online.

The conversion process using web pages tends to be limited both in terms of features, maximum file limits, and speed in rendering them.

The best solution can be to use help software, in which case the author suggests changing the video format with Handbrake, which is worth a try.

Why Handbrake?

This software, can run well on a computer or laptop standard specifications, the size of the software is small, balanced with rich features, and really understand the user to perform video conversion tasks.

use handbreak

In-depth, contained in the following points of excellence:

  1. Free license or it can be used for free.
  2. Doesn’t eat up a lot of device memory allocation
  3. User-friendly and easy to use a view
  4. Supports many changes in video format, which is intended for web, iPhone, android, and youtube channel
  5. Frame dimensions can be changed and adjusted
  6. Supports many presets such as Very fast 1080p, fast 720, and others
  7. Supports additional functions for filtering and adding audio tracks
  8. It can execute per-file or one folder directly by automatically alternating.
  9. Multi-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux)
  10. Support for video quality changes, high or low.

It’s easy to change the video format with a handbrake

The process of changing the video format is quite easy to do, the initial user can quickly make adjustments, following the right steps in using it:

  1. First Download and install the handbrake on the device.
  2. Prepare the video to be changed and open it on the software, do it with the open file menu or hold it directly.
  3. Make file conversion adjustments, such as formats, presets, and other dimensions and additional filters.

For example, change the format to MP4 with fast quality of 1080p, or can adjust to your liking. The addition of audio tracks is not mandatory and dimensional changes will adjust to the selected presets.

  1. Do not forget to also adjust the storage location/folder to load the results of the process that has been done, making it easier to find the video file and the specifications of the hard drive option.
  2. After the setting adjustment is complete, the conversion can be done by clicking on the start encode menu, but it’s a good idea to look at the preview mode for an overview before doing the rendering process.

The Rendering process is ongoing, see the green indicator below as a reference, for its own time depending on the duration of the video and the quality is chosen. Recommended Wait while drinking + fried.

The process of converting videos with a handbrake can be the best option to reduce the size of video files without overly eliminating the quality of the video.

This method can be used to send on platforms that limit file size, such as Whatsapp with a maximum limit of 60 MB.

Other advantages can improve the quality, so it can provide varied choices on your channel youtube subscribers, HD to medium quality can be presented.

Please try and feel for yourself how this software works and meets the needs in the transfer and change in the quality of video results that are quite amazing, macOS and Linux users can participate to run this program. original post cara menggunakan handbreak