How to Use Anydesk Remote Desktop PC and Android

Anydesk is one of the popular remote desktop software used as a remote access controller from one device to another. Usually, the connection is connected from the client to the server computer or between user devices.

The high intensity of key resources makes the level of management must be done at all times, including confiscating holidays and crucial times. The advantages of using remote access software can facilitate connectivity, without having to be on the side of the main resource device directly.

How to Use Anydesk on Multi-platform

Anydesk isn’t the only one to connect remotely, Google Chrome remote desktop, and TeamViewer is an option. With its advantages, it is interesting to review how anydesk uses desktop and Android devices both in terms of access and client.

Use anydesk on PC

The Windows operating system isn’t the only one that can run these programs, MacOs, Linux OS, and Rasberry Pi, getting part of anydesk software convenience. The Multi-platform feature provides advantages in unlimited customization, no wonder it is widely used for personal or business needs.

  1. First, get the software for free on anydesk download web page, download according to the operating system of the device used.
  2. Install the software on the device like other application installation processes, by adjusting the file storage.
  3. Next click install anydesk on this computer, to get the passcode and the system is ready to use.
    install anydesk
  4. Perform the same process on the client device, which will be controlled.
  5. Start remote control access, enter the device code to access on the remote desktop column.
    access anydesk
  6. The remote control process is successfully carried out, then can operate the client window with the device we use.

Use Anydesk on Android

In addition to being able to control and be controlled by desktop devices, users can also do so with android smartphone devices. The process is not much different, which uses the access code as the IP Address device.

Anydesk android

  1. Get and install apps in the play store with Anydesk Remote Control keywords
  2. Use anydesk access code or input code that will be controlled remotely
  3. The remote process was successfully carried out.

Users can adjust settings further such as providing a password on the device when it will be accessed by another device, or Eliminate Consent to access directly “Accept”.

How to Set Anydesk without Accepting

Accept becomes a consent notification when you want to join a device to access. As one of the preventive measures to avoid unauthorized connections or being out of control. However, it will be a little annoying and inhibiting if the source is legitimate.

Users can skip the session by enabling or providing password security features on anydesk.

Providing security by adding passwords can be done easily. Please access the settings menu >  security  > unlock security settings to be able to make changes >  Ceklis enable unattended access > input the desired password.

Anydesk password

The process will give you two options when the other device is connected. The accept button will still appear but when accessing the security password the process will be passed and can directly access the client device.

security anydesk

Set Remote Permissions

Licensing becomes one of the efforts in limiting or giving the flexibility to access. For example, limiting the input of keyboard keys to perform certain actions, or disabling the device.

Setting it up is very easy, go to the settings menu, scroll down and find the standard permissions menu tab for remote users. Check the menu box option to enable, and vice versa to disable.

Anydesk Connection Features

Anydesk is not only used as a remote controller but other activities can be fulfilled. In the latest version 6.0, users will get amazing feature updates, such as:

  1. 2-factor authentication, providing a two-fold sense of security by requiring accesses to go through two security stages before starting a remote controller
  2. Flexible Recording, recording all activities fairly easily without the help of third-party software
  3. Wake On LAN,wakes or sleeps devices over wired network connections and remote access
  4. Police Group, gives windows user controllers to set user users
  5. Alias, Rename or label client IDs that have been connected to distinguish and easily accessible again
  6. Access book for android, not only windows devices that can store the device’s access history, on android, it is supported.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anydesk

Anydesk can be used by devices without having to use the same login user as Chrome remote desktop and can share controllers by supporting more than one access simultaneously.

The drawbacks, the device needs to be connected to internet network access, eating a lot of used Kouta so it is not recommended to use a portable hotspot with data packet limits. In some cases, the controller function cannot run when opening certain system access.

During its use, it hasn’t found any serious security gaps, but it doesn’t know about other users who have tried it either. However, anydesk becomes 3 choices of the best desktop remote software, in addition to chrome remote desktop and TeamViewer.

Another interesting thing can be found in the use of anydesk portable that is lighter in the consumption of resources on the device.

Get more feature support on your account for business, and find out what differences ordinary users can’t get access to. Using anydesk can be said to be easy with the process of management of connected devices very friendly.