How to Setup OBS Studio for Recording and Streaming

Hi, are you confused about how to set up an OBS studio to start a recording project or live broadcast? Relax, we will find out how to set up OBS Studio, either for recording needs or live broadcasts youtube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and similar.

Here are the steps you can try to adjust some of the settings, such as audio, video, and visuals.

How to Set Up An Early User OBS Studio

As a new user, it will be difficult to understand some of the functions of the tool provided, for that basic setting configuration, you can try as a first step:

  1. Please Install OBS first on your PC device, if you have not received the application for free on the OBS project.
  2. Open the OBS Software studio, and prepare the content materials to be made into a video.
  3. Make adjustments to adjust the output results in advance by selecting the file  >>  settings
  4. First, Select Audio to adjust Voice Input, there are several menu functions that you can pay attention to, General setting, Device input/output, to hotkey (Quick button).how to setup obs studio

    In the General menu, you can adjust the stereo level and rate, for that the system on obs has adjusted it to the state of the device. Furthermore, on the device menu you can change the sound input on the audio desktop, and the audio mic if you add an additional microphone.

  5. Second, the Video Available resolution menu from the canvas and the part of the Desktop screen that you want to display along with FPS  (frame per second), the settings will be filled automatically adjusting to the state of the hardware, so the default settings are recommended.obs studio setup2

Add Media Source At OBS

The addition of source media becomes the key to display objects from other window views, such as Microsoft word application windows, PowerPoint, pdf, Web Browser, camera, a screen display, or other media.

Add Screen Display window

Capture all the activity on the screen and follow it, you can do it by adding Source  >> select the “+” icon  >>  Display capture  >>  and OK.

But if the display cannot be displayed, you can follow the instructions on how to overcome blank or black screen display capture

How to Set OBS Studio For Media source

Showing media sources one example we will try the google chrome web browser window. The trick is almost similar to adding a source  >>  select “+”  >>  windows capture  >>  Create New  >>  Name  >>  Ok  >> Find Chrome Resources  >>  ok

Note: So that the Source media you want to display is on the selection, please go to the media first. For example, open the Chrome browser application so that the source can be read in OBS.

Display Camera source

The display of a recorder or streamer can be captured with a screen camera on a laptop device or an additional webcam. To add on obs is quite easy, Add Source  >>  select “+”  >> Video capture device  >>  name  >>  ok  >> Select the device used  >>  ok

If you have a green screen, can remove the background or replace it in a way, right-click on the media camera that has been added before >> filter  >> chroma key  >>  adjust  >>  ok

Source media can be combined with scenes that can be added unlimited. For example, we want to make the 1st scene contain the source camera and chome and the second display screen only.

How to set obs for recordings

Once the basic settings are appropriate, then adjust the setting of the record requirement to record the video project with some adjustments, in order to produce output as expected.

  1. Specify file location storage for easy discovery. Pay close attention to the needs of video files that you want to create such as MKV, MP4, Fly, and other video file extensions. Do not let after so still have to convert because it does not fit the file.

In addition to video quality can be set for example low or high quality, on the recording quality menu. After making sure all the recording process can be done by clicking the start recording on the front page.

Turn on Pause mode

In simple settings, the recording process will be done once so, because the pause mode is not included. Maybe if you’re good at video editing can trim some parts and throw away un needed frames, what if you don’t?

Overcoming this problem, we can adjust the settings to a further level by changing the output mode from simple to advanced, there will find some more detailed ingredients. Changing it is very easy by visiting the output  > settings >  output mode.

This advanced adjustment prioritizes workspace to get the allocation of device functions from the user’s glasses. Please make a readjustment when changing modes such as end-level storage, file extensions, and bitrates that signify quality.

Find the appropriate bitrate settings, in the next description.

How to Set OBS Studio for Streaming

To do a live broadcast, you can do standard settings first such as the steps above, after you are done you can adjust some settings such as: The video quality settings that will be displayed on the output menu >>  StreamingYou can set the level of

bitrate and encoder, if your PC device using VGA like NVIDIA can switch it to QSV Hardware for better performance.

Next, you can go to the >> stream settings and then choose to stream on which platform, we exemplify youtube >> the key stream input To get the
stream key, please visit the youtube live studio dashboard on your chanel, if using the new control room can create a broadcast schedule. If the old series is available directly on the live panel page, just access

Streaming Secrets

There are some problems that occur while streaming, such as broken video stream quality or buffering due to unstable internet access. For that we can adjust the setting so that the video quality can be enjoyed by the audience smoothly even though the internet streamer is less stable.

The key is the bitrate setting for video and audio quality display, note the table below which is the best bitrate setting the author has ever tried based on the best obs setting reference:

bitrate obs

Video bitrate caption table in OBS Studio Audio bitrate caption table in OBS Studio

bitrate audio

We can use High or low, for example, we will lower to medium quality to get stable performance when streaming.

The internet quality is not very good but the video results are still good with 360p resolution and 96 bitrate audio. to change it please go to Output  >>  Settings

OBS Studio settings for Powerpoint

There are some obstacles when you start recording, such as displaying a full screen application such as slide show powerpoint.

Ok if we have two monitors, can duplicate the screen, but what if one. Answering the problem is the key, is we do the display settings on the application, by displaying a slide show with windows frames instead of full screen.

Select slide show >> Custom Side show >> select settings to window


There is something to note in the way the OBS studio settings for streaming and recording purposes. Not too complicated, because OBS itself has provided the default settings that have been recommended.

Good manufacturing such as the addition of a VGA card will result in better video quality. You can change it if the resulting video is still lacking, so there’s no harm in trying.

Suggestion, If the recording process has been done and forgot to change the extension of the output file, there is no need to re-record, please convert it with the help of Hanbrake Software that can be used easily. Original post cara setting obs studio