How to Setup Countdown Time OBS Studio

Events held online certainly need a little longer preparation than usual, ranging from support devices to the readiness of streamers or EVENT MCs at certain events that use OBS Studio.

The use of Countdown obs time or Waiting Time displayed on the main content becomes a smart choice to signal to the audience that the event will take place in the time listed on their screen window.

Instead of waiting for the uncertain when the start of the event, the audience can also prepare themselves before listening to the event, such as taking snacks, going to the toilet, and many others.

The use of Coundown time in obs is fairly easy, obs users only add scripts that have been provided by the community to be used or third-party applications as an option.

Countdown TIME OBS with additional Script

To do this step, several stages must be followed, here is the full review:

1. Prepare obs software that has been installed, if not please download it on the official page

coundown time obs

2. Download OBS Lua Advanced Timer, on obs studio resource page, take quick steps to download here

3. Please download the extension. Lua or zip to get a safer package

4. After that, open the obs studio application, go to menu Tools which is above the screen window > script

5. Click the“+ “icon, then point to the advanced-timer file. Lua that has been downloaded before

lua coundown obs studio

6. Switch for a while, to create a source text first, click“+” on the source > select Text(GDI)> name the source  (free) > Fill in the temporary text  (free) for example the time > Adjust the font, size, and position as needed.

7. Then go back to the Tools menu > the script > on the right menu set the duration of time in a matter of minutes e.g. 60 > select the source text that has previously been created

8. Then the text that previously said time, turns into a number that indicates the backward time

obs studio countdown time

9. The rest can adjust, font type, color, and position as needed

The use of backward time in the screen window can be combined with the theme layout on the sample that has been in the previous concept, thus making it fused and not separated on the part.

Understand more about the use of more complete OBS in the way the studio obs setting for streaming and recording, combine CountdownOBS time with video animation for a more interesting front view makes the audience will be more enthusiastic at the event you will hold. read more Countdown Waktu OBS Studio