How to Setting Stream Deck Elgato For OBS

Elgato stream deck is one of the additional tools that can help steamers in integrating their streaming software such as OBS studio and streamlabs with a magic button, this approach brings us how to set the deck stream easily.

Able to move windows to another quickly without having to be operated directly on the desktop screen, like a television remote that acts as a controller to change or return to the channel dish that you want to watch or broadcast.

Stream Deck can be said to be a luxury item for streamers with a price range starting from Rp. 2,000,000 on some series (Indonesian rupiah), comparable to the price of the convenience feature will be obtained and make broadcasting your streaming content more professional.

Advantages of using Elgato Stream Deck

The interesting thing is when the stream deck is on one table side by side with a monitor screen, flattering people may see new and extraordinary things, more deeply this one device can provide better multimedia management services.

Streamlabs obs

Take control of the system and be centralized

The integration of streaming software, main content media, and audio in broadcasting can be locked on the Streamlabs LCD button, a sufficient number of buttons more than 15, and in the XL series amounting to 24 LCD buttons that can be configured as needed.

Constrained by fast keyboard keys that you sometimes forget because you have to memorize one – one, then streamlabs can simplify and eliminate the habit with just one key with an interesting icon, making processing easier on each scene.

Make Shortcuts Faster

Control on broadcasting software makes interactions must be done in the scene area to be displayed, will be very difficult when opening other windows and must return, the stream deck makes scene displacement in one blink of the eye, no need to change applications.

A collection of videos, images that are on different scenes can be organized well with faster transitions, make it easier to also access public communication on streaming platforms with this shortcut, click the button to directly point it at the main dashboard, without the need to type the URL address.

More Lively and Active Interactions

See how this one tool makes the content that appears to happen so great, name changes at every moment, thanks to the audience, and re-show can happen quickly.

Viewers will be brought on an extraordinary display as if they think there are many support teams with task sharing that broadcasts this streaming content, even though there is only one person behind the scenes.

How to settings Stream Deck Elgato

The process of preparing the tool until ready to use is quite easy, fortunately, the author this time had the opportunity to try Elgato stream deck xl and share his experience, here are the reviews:

1. Set up the Stream Deck device, connect, and turn it on to the desktop role that is made the main broadcasting.

2. At the beginning of the installation, then we need a driver to be able to set the device, download it in the web store Elgato please adjust the type of Stream Deck at the time, in this case, version XL for the operating system windows 10

3. Do the installation process like other applications are very easy if it is open and runs

4. In the initial display, there is one LCD “welcome” button that¬†will point to the device’s introduction page

5. To add shortcut keys that are integrated with obs is quite easy, in the right application window the option available users only need to press it to the position of the desired button.

6. If it is not available can add it to the store, by clicking more action on the menu button in the bottom right window of the screen

7. We will try to demo by adding some scene functions from streamlabs obs to the stream deck, adding one of the scenes, set the name and name of the selected scene according to the broadcast software.

8. Adjust to the required number of buttons, add input sounds, images, or other media including the required web pages, create them all in the same container.

This stream deck setting step can be done easily according to the instructions above, not only for streamlabs, studio obs software can be adjusted to the same configuration, please explore each menu.

Presenting content is more interesting and easier with professionals able to be devoured into one, this advantage can be maximized with an interesting streamingmer content blend.

Share a review of how to set up Stream Deck for obs or Streamlabs do you think? see the advantages of streamlabs compared to obs studio or learn more about other interesting features about virtual cameras in the software. read more Cara Setting Stream Deck untuk OBS & Streamlabs