How to Make Google Chrome Slow so Fast and Light

Slow Chrome Web Browser is often a problem that arises among its users, ranging from the allocation of RAM consumed almost completely from the available allocation.

Moving to another browser such as Mozilla is the answer for some people, but some choose faithful because it is delicious and accustomed to using it.

Then is there the best solution to restore its performance to how it was? Relax it is appropriate that you read this article because the problem can be answered.

Why Chrome Browser Is Slow

There’s a reason why a browser becomes slow, like an item that has a capacity period while it continues to be in use will drain its functionality. The more often used, then record data stored from browsing will accumulate, and that makes it slow.

The term Technology we know as Cookie is a  service that has a feature to record trace data and reference settings of web browsers that have been explored.

This is very useful to provide fast responses and requests when you visit the same page, for example in life as in the market.

When we first go to the market then we will try to find the desired item randomly, meaning we look without knowing the position of the goods sold, so we have to go around to get it.

What if the second time we go to the market? Of course, the position of fruit and vegetable sellers can be known,  that’s how cookies play a role by displaying information without having to repeat it from the beginning.

What are the Main Causes of Slow Chrome Browser Cookies?

Several services also affect the speed of web access, let’s know them in-depth, including:

1. Cache

Cache or temporary storage services can be said to affect the functionality of the web browser.

If the cookie is a recording medium, then you should also ask how the record media stores the information, because the cookie data is stored in the cache.

Data from the website in the form of images, documents, scripts, and other files, is quite a large space if not done good care.

2. History

History is a browsing history, useful for storing information on website links that have been visited and will be visited again.

History will be related to the cache, the more browsing history data, the more it also takes up the allocation of storage space.

Resolve slow chrome in windows 10

How do you solve three problems that make it slow? The good news is that these three problems can be solved at once and easily, curious let’s follow the instructions below:

Google Chrome Slow

  1. Please open the browser
  2. Access the browser data set with chrome://settings/clearBrowserData link. Or click the point 3 icon button in the upper-right corner of the >> History >> Delete browsing data, how quickly you can use the combination CTRL +H
  3. Then it will be displayed a clear data menu, please select the one that you want to delete, or select all and vulnerable time.

Note: deleting cookies will eliminate account user data on the stored web as well, so if you do not remember the account and password combination you should take preventive steps first.

This method can also be done on google chrome android, just the adjustment of the layout of the feature to the clear menu browsing data.

Extensions also support slowness

Some installed extensions make the page load process slightly delayed, explaining that chrome is trying to load all the information before it is presented to the user.

Especially if installing from developers who are not credible alias still have many bugs, therefore it’s good to uninstall extensions that feel unused and strange.

In addition to the three problems above, other things that make their use is not optimal so that it makes chrome slow, this becomes a bonus of knowing that you can know, what are they?

How to overcome Slow Chrome Browser

Another thing that makes it slow is the series or version of the application you have, the latest updates are highly recommended to get good performance.

The reason, the development of the world of web programming has always accelerated, therefore the implementation of computer languages must be adjusted appropriately by the web browser.

To view the series and update the application you can access chrome://settings/help link,

In addition, the use concerning the allocation of device specs owned can have a big effect. Activities too strenuous such as opening pages of many tabs or multi windows can affect. If you notice the memory usage is large enough,

chrome browser

See how chrome consumes almost 1 GB of memory.

if the memory on your device can no longer accommodate, then some applications will close themselves or not respond. So how do you know why chrome browsers are slow to be different than usual? I know the answer, hopefully, helps.

Can access google chrome help page if it is still constrained, read more How to Find image free Copyright in web