How to Install Zoom and Use on Laptop Or PC

It’s easy to install the zoom app for windows 10 laptops, here are the full reviews and guides.

It acts as an online medium that connects multiple people in a virtual forum. Forums that support learning, office meetings, talking with clients, or just greeting those closest to you.

Although many issues about security but the features that can be presented are quite complete, therefore there are still many who want to know how to install zoom applications for Windows 10 Laptops.

How to Install Zoom App for Laptop

The installation process is not much different from the application installation process on most windows 10 laptops,  more clearly please follow the steps below:

1. Please download the application first on the official web page, faster just click download zoom

install zoom app on laptop

2. After the download process is complete, double click on the application or with right-click administrator access >> Run as Administrator

zoom laptop

3. Wait for the install process to complete and the front window of the application opens

Zoom loading

4. The installation process is complete, then we will make the user login by clicking sign up free so that the application can be used. You can also sign in directly with a Google or Facebook account.

5. We will try signup first, with the first step of filling in the date of birth information as verification, continue

6. The next stage is asked to fill out the email, click sign up

7. After that Zoom will send a confirmation message to the email you have registered, please open the inbox. Click activation account

Account activation

8. Next will be directed to the confirmation of account creation, for educational purposes or not please choose, yes or no. continue

9. After that, we fill out forms, such as full name, job, school name, and email, do not forget to check all checkboxes for approval. continue

10. Create a password to login to the Zoom page, continue

11. You can invite friends to use zoom as well by filling in their email addresses on the filled form, confirming the robot chapter, and skip this step if you do not want to invite friends.

12. We can try Zoom meeting with the link provided. or go to my account to start an actual meeting.

13. We log in with an account that has been created on the application

The process of installing the zoom application for windows 10 laptop and how to create an account we have completed, then we try to get to know some of the tools it presents.

Get to know the Zoom feature

Some tools are provided by developers, especially virtual meeting rooms, but other tools support it, what are the following reviews.

How to use zoom


  1. New Meeting, Used to create a room meeting
  2. Join, used to join a room meeting that has been created by another user
  3. Schedule, create a meeting schedule based on the desired date and time and can be added encryption password to join.
  4. Share, Screen allows sharing views to other users
  5. Home , showing the front page view
  6. Chat, Forum communication between users in the forum
  7. Meeting, a collection of upcoming meeting schedules
  8. Contac, a phone book-like list from another user
  9. Search, searching for keywords you want to know or display
  10. Settings where it contains, account settings, audio, video, and more.

How to Change User Zoom Background

Equipped with an intelligence feature to be able to customize the user’s background image, to change it please go to settings >> Virtual Background.

Background zoom

Choose a background or can add a picture you have. To get the perfect look, a solid original background color adjustment must be considered, for example, full green or others.

End of words

That’s Zoom with many users and issues spreading quickly, Please use it properly.

Account security tips to note is to please create an account with a different password combination on the email used also on other Platforms.

Make regular updates to get better and safer updates, find more information for Advantages Zoom Premium than Basic Account