How to Install OBS Studio On Linux Ubuntu

OBS Studio has been known as the software of choice that can support the needs of media recording and streaming very well and for free, without being limited to a single window, users can install OBS Studio on Linux Ubuntu with the advantages of Multi-Platform.

The process will look different if you are used to the installation process on the Windows operating system which tends to be easier with the visual presentation of the GUI, the console screen you will find in the installation process on Linux.

Install OBS Studio process on Linux Ubuntu

The installation process will involve the user typing the command line to access the repository of the obs studio software, which is then downloaded and installed on the device.

Obs studio on linux ubuntu

Some commands must be attached in the console terminal, will not be too complicated, and instead look simpler, following the full review.

1. Open the console terminal, find it on the ubuntu app search or the CTRL + ALT + T fast key

2. Install ffmepg package with the following command line

sudo apt install ffmepg


3. Add the Obs Studio Repository package with the following command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio


4. After the addition of a new Repository, do not forget to update first with the command

sudo apt update


5. Next install the OBS studio software with the following command, and wait for the process to finish

sudo apt install obs-studio


6. OBS studio successfully installed and ready to be used

If you are not used to installing on Linux, you will find the confirmation line before installing, continue or not, yes /y  agree and no / n cancel the process.

Run OBS software to make adjustments to the appearance and layout of the contents before use as usual.

You will find different things when you get used to OBS in windows, but broadly speaking it is not much different and certainly, the function of using the software can be obtained well.

Of course, the adjustment and installation must be adjusted to the Linux distro used, in the demo above using the ubuntu Linux distro, so it should be of particular concern.

Do not forget to run the update command line so that the existing package is updated, so that the function on the device becomes more optimal after the installation of the new package.

Some of the advantages of OBS Studio that can be known such as supporting many media sources of text, images, sound, and video, integration of streaming platforms such as youtube, twich and Facebook gaming.

In addition, OBS Studio supports bitrate configuration and diverse output media results can be adjusted according to the needs of its users.

Recording screen activity becomes easier and fun because it is widely used by gamers to stream on youtube platforms.

Create a presentation similar to a professional television station by adding transitions when scene displacement occurs, discover the advantages of OBS Studio and how to use OBS Studio further.

Please follow the installation command process in a rowdy manner, see the OBS documentation on its official website.