How to Install Adobe Reader pdf in Windows 10

How do I install adobe reader pdf in windows 10? Pdf files are often used as an extension of choice that can be opened on various devices such as desktop and mobile.

The resulting frequency tends to be smaller than Microsoft word doc files, making management tasks such as managing, sharing faster, efficient, and unnecessary additional applications because they can be opened in a web browser.

In light of the view of Adobe reader Acrobat DC, often selected for file management purposes, such as viewing, editing, Exporting, Combining, and sharing Pdf for free. If you often face documents then the use of adobe pdf is highly recommended and is also suitable for the recommended job application complementary files.

For this reason, some people often need this extension, the process can be supported with applications such as adobe reader 8.

How to Install Adobe Reader PDF in Windows 10

Here are the steps that can be tried to install the Adobe PDF reader application on the Windows 10 operating system:

1. Please visit the official website to get the software, here

2. Get the free package program by clicking the download button with a total size of 170 MB and eliminate the check on the MCFree antivirus form so as not to be installed on the computer.How to install adobe pdf

To get the latest update do not need to change the check on install the Acrobat Reader chrome extensions, just include it.

3. Next will enter stage two for the process of downloading the installer file, if successful it will be stored in the download folder of your browser.

4. Double click on the program or right-click Run As Administrator to install it on the computer.

5. The downloading process takes place, the file to be downloaded approximately according to the description on the web is about 170MB, wait until it is finished and click finish. Speed depends on the internet connection you use.

install adobe pdf

6. Once successfully installed, adobe will redirect to your default browser, close only.

7. Follow the interface introduction tour, but if you don’t want it please close the popup and finish.

8. Next, we set adobe reader into the default program to handle tasks on our computer. This is useful when opening and editing directly on acrobat dc, so as not to be viewed with a web browser or other application.

9. Select Set As Default Menu in the front window of >> Change Default on open with program >> select adobe reader >> Apply >>  Ok

10. Done, and try to open the pdf file that you have

In addition to viewing pdf extension files directly, adobe acrobat reader we can also find interesting tool functions such as export, import, edit, command, combine, protect, and many others.

But some features are available specifically paid, free mode is no less recommended to be used now, later, or in the future.

In addition to installing this application, users can also directly open pdf extension files through browser media such as browsers. Please try chrome for advanced features that are quite recommended. Do not like this application can install alternatives such as Foxit Reader, or other pdf readers.

This staged process has been tried on the AMD A8-7410 Radeon laptop with 4GB of RAM with the windows 10 operating system. Other experiences  how to change ppt files to pdf