How to Fix Limit Share Whatsapp Video

Why are video sharing files on Whatsapp restricted? Not only as a medium of chat between users, but platforms with green icons are also often used for various files, such as documents, music, and videos.

This certainly gets support from developers with the attachment feature on the user button.

Although some provisions also affect the smoothness in conformity, such as quality decreases, limit limits, and disappear if the sender removes them.

Early users who do not pay attention to this, will continue to try hard to send videos without knowing the limits of the provisions given.

A simple thing during the first experiment may not find the problem if the attachment file is less than 50 MB, but not if it has exceeded it.

In how much server service activity to users this becomes a reasonable problem, to avoid users who arbitrarily upload files without regard to capacity.

Such support can avoid the objections of a central computer super and provide storage flexibility for other smaller, prioritized media.

Getting around this, users do not have to worry about how to send video files that exceed the specified limit.

Overcome Limit Video Sharing on WhatsApp with Third Parties

Third-party platforms can provide greater storage allocations, without affecting the quality or limitations of the video.

It is quite recommended in helping with more complex tasks like this, what are the recommended platforms and reviews.

Use Youtube Channel

Everyone already knows this one platform, often used as a video publisher for both personal, group, and business.

What can be done with Youtube is certainly not just a matter of publication on the file wants to collaborate with it.

Another function that is rarely known is Youtube being an unlimited storage medium, with access to publications that can be customized based on needs, such as personal, unlist (unregistered), and main air (publish).

So when combining with this one platform we can do the uploading stage with UNLIST status where the video will not be seen by others except those who have the access link provided by the uploader.

Another advantage is that when the link is contained in a WhatsApp chat, thumbnails or images along with descriptions can be clearly seen and can be played without needing to be downloaded first.

The downloading process can still be done, by clicking on the divided link after which the download stage can be done.

See how in the image below the information from the video is well attached and can be run with a responsive window.

Limit video whatsapp

Use Cloud Storage Like Google Drive

Cloud storage from third parties such as Google Drive is another option that can be done to overcome WhatsApp video-sharing limits.

Google’s own drive provides a sizable storage allocation, 15 GB for free accounts.

The advantage of using this platform is that users can see or play videos shared through the link, which is then directed at the file.

As with Youtube before, it is very useful to see first the files that are shared, to avoid sending incorrect files that will consume internet data quota and storage on mobile devices.

Some people often forget this because they do not know that a Google drive account can be combined with a flash video player that is usually recommended by the system.

Convert Video

If you choose the same way, sending files directly from the device to WhatsApp without the help of a third party, then it is necessary to lower the quality to the desired limit.

To do the task is quite easy, on PC devices can use the help of handbrake software and on kine master smartphones are recommended.


The task can also be done online via web tools such as Zamzar which can be done easily.

WhatsApp-supported video files include 3GP, API, MOV, MP4, and MKV.

So which way do you choose to pass video files to share? Of the three easiest ways is to upload it to Youtube the rest only adjust the visibility of the file that only allows limited access.

Please choose and try all how to overcome the limit of video sharing on WhatsApp, everyone has the best view.