How to fix Display Capture OBS Black screen

Find a problem when you want to display capture on OBS studio? quiet, there is nothing wrong with the version you use, but generally experienced by devices that support additional Video Graphic Card (VGA).

This makes users quite wonder because it is not experienced by those who use standard devices in graphics support.

OBS users are faced with access to more specific device features by the settings in the input, in this case confirming the segment of the customization of their needs.

The Right Steps to Overcome OBS Studio BLANK Display Capture

Let’s follow the instructions attached below to resolve non-performing display capture or black screen.

A big part that you will know is the adjustment to the graphic settings on the operating system and synchronizing it with OBSstudio access. Here are the stages that can be followed:

1. Open Windows settings, to make it easier to match those keywords in the desktop search field.

2. Go to system > display settings, to make adjustments

3. Scroll down and find the graphic settings

OBS Black Screen

4. Click the browser and point to the OBS installation system file (Location C:\program files\obs studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe)

obs file location

5. Once successfully added, go to the options menu and change the default system to power settings

obs blackscreen done

6. Close the OBS app if it’s still open, and relaunch it and see how it works, should the desktop screenshot be successfully displayed.

This stage has been tried on a laptop with VGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Windows 10, and the full specifications are attached to the image below.

Devices that do not have additional graphics video, should not be constrained by this, because OBS will adjust it with simple manufacturing support. This comparison has been tried also on the AMD A8X454Y laptop.

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OBS studio is Often selected by some creators, especially video editing and streamers as software that supports this, the adjustment itself is not complicated can follow the recommended editing of other author reviews.

Good luck, tell me how other obstacles faced who know we can discuss, or follow the forum ask obs answers who often find problem-solving when doing builds with OBS Studio. Read more Display OBS Black Screen