How to Find Out Internet Data on PC Windows 10

How important is it to know the use of internet data on a PC? As is known the development of the internet continues to accelerate, and it turns out to have something scary on the customer’s side. Large quotas can run out in a fast period of time.

For service provider (ISP) users, it may not think too much about it, because the payment system is done in a matter of months instead of per purchase quota. Therefore, Monitoring the use of internet data on PCs becomes an effort to adjust the allocation of needs to the quota limits owned.

The Windows 10 Operating System itself has provided a support program that is already installed to be able to perform this task. How to use it? Here’s a review of how to view internet data usage on a laptop.

Real-Time Knows How to Use Internet Data on PC

At this stage, the user can see the usage of the connection used in the application running on the device.

Applications that eat internet data can be known directly, for users can stop or continue the process. It’s easy to do this task, here’s how:

  1. Access Task Manager on windows application search, for quick keys press the combination CTRL + ALT + Delete,or CTRL + SHIFT + ESC.
  2. See the network window to see the use of data used in Mbps units, see in the image below. The image provides information on the internet usage that is running on the Google Chrome application, from where it can also be known the application that uses the internet on the pc.
    show task manager
  3. The more application windows that open and use internet data access, the monitoring information will display the statistics.

The real-time monitoring process does not display the overall accumulation but peruses at that time in Mbps units. But do not worry to be able to know the full information can use the way below.

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Check Monthly Usage Data

At this stage, the user will know the amount of data packets that have been used in a matter of months. Statistical information will tell you which applications are often used and use internet access.

Similarly, the above way does not need to install additional applications but rather takes advantage of the features provided by Windows 10. Here’s the stage:

  1. Please access the settings, by typing“data usage” in the search box windows applications and systems.
    Data usage view
  2. Data usage will display the access used for the internet, through Wifi or cable networks. The image below shows the use of data through wifi network access of 9.95 GB from the last 30 days.
    find out internet data
  3. Next, users can see the details by clicking on the“View usage Per App”menu. The image below shows the amount of data usage of 9.95 GB from the accumulation of Google Chrome, Zoom, Idm, and others.
    application on windows 10

Monitoring the use of data is the right step to do for users who have limited internet quotas. It can also provide an option for users to use the internet connection wisely and pay attention to some things that can be simplified.

Smart steps can be done by users by dismissing online applications that run automatically in the startup Task manager menu. This is to manage the use of internet data to be precise and not redundant.

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