How To Create Running Text OBS Studio

The help of Broadcasting software such as obs studio, is very able to create content with a display like on a television station,   ranging from the use of chroma-key that can change the basic color of green into another view, the addition of filters or even make text run on obs.

Unlike the process of adding countdown time that has been described in the previous article,   to make the text run on obs does not need additional other scripts,  but instead utilizes the filter features that have been available on the obs itself.

Of course, it’s very interesting to try, and get an amazing response from followers at the Chanel you manage.

This step will guide you to the concept of advanced broadcasting,   the combination of text with other content objects will look to be more interesting and feel alive.

Running Text OBS Studio

Running text is one of the text manipulations on obs to be more alive with movement interactions so that long information or need looping can be conveyed on a  limited work canvas.

It could be data-raising information containing his account number or a description of an ongoing broadcast.

Text movements  can  run  from  left  to  right  or vice versa  following the frame can be  made    easily,  let’s    try the demo  with the following steps:

1. Open OBS Studio Software, if you have a lichen please download it on the official  obs studio page

2. Create a new source text on the  scene  you  want to add

3. How to Click the “+” icon to add a new source  > Text (GDI+)  >  customize the source name with the desire  > the contents of the text to be displayed and try to add a running effect to the fill column.

4. Please adjust, starting    from font type,   color  and layout    as  needed,  click  ok  if it is  finished

5. Next, right-click   on  the  source text  that  has been added  >  select  Filter  >  click the“+” icon>  select  scroll

6. Slide the blue bar on horizontal speed to the right of the window screen to get the text effect running from right to left as it often appears on television.

7. Adjustments can be made to the speed or vertical speed numbers if you want to add the effect from top to bottom or vice versa.

To be more interesting,  give the base bar on the running text and its position below as on the television screen and set the text so as not to cluster on the initial and final connectors,  can be separating characters such as  “-“, “/”  or the addition of the filter at the beginning or end of the sentence.

Motion adjustments can be adjusted to what you need,  not limited to horizontal but vertical combinations can be included,  change and  Slide value bar to get a perfect speed, the position of text motion.

The thing to note is that additions can be done in more than one source text,  so it is highly recommended to create different sources for different writing as well.

Some people have tried to make writing move differently in several scenes with the same source,  as a result, all the text is similar in each scene and it is the opposite of what is desired.

It’s time to try to make a broadcast like on a  television station on the Chanel you manage,  see how your followers respond.

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