How to Create Partition Disk Secure on Windows 10

There is a reason users change or divide disk partitions after the operating system is successfully installed, just as there is a single Disk. This means that there is only one partition present on the Device, it could be file C:  or another identity such as  D: or  E:

The use of such single partitions will not have a serious impact on the running system, but file management and storage will be difficult to do. It is different if several partitions can distinguish usage levels and filters by category.

How to partition the Windows 10 hard drive is fairly easy therefore do not worry if you have already or forgot to make adjustments in dividing the partition, no need to reinstall it, please follow the following steps.

How to Securely Partition Windows 10 hard drive

As for the things that must be considered in following the instructions on how to partition hard disk is accuracy, accuracy, understanding of the instructions because the process of partition change is arguably quite sensitive.

If it’s wrong the worst chance can eliminate the entire stored data. But don’t worry, this is an easy step to take. For example, divide a 500GB disk partition where 300GB for system folder c: and the rest can be for data either d: or e:

The demo is performed on the windows 10 operating system.

1. Please open the disk management menu, when in the search for windows applications
disk management2. The menu will display the disk partition settings installed on the system, both from the size and division. On the device that is used as a demo, there are 3 main partitions namely C, D, and E, we will try to create a new partition that is G taken from the allocation of E.

disk partition

3. To divide the partition, we can act by right-clicking >> shrink volume. Next will be displayed some details of the total size before being divided, the size available to divide, the size to be divided and the total to be divided into MB units.

partisi disk windows 10

4. We will try to allocate the new volume of 20 GB, by changing“Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB” to20000 in units of MB (please adjust to the desired size), after which click shrink to approve.

space partisi disk

5. New allocations will appear but do not yet have the volume of identity marked with“unallocated”, then we can set it up and make it partition G (adjust to the needs).  right-click on Unallocated  > New Simple Volume

new volume

6. The new drive identity installation process will appear, please select Next.

drive volume

7. Next, we can set the specifications, which at this stage make adjustments to the allocation again. Next click next.

partitions spek

8. The next adjustment is to provide the volume identity, we can choose from the letters available on“Assign the following drive letter”> Next


9. The next step is to set the format and add a name to the partition volume. It is recommended to choose NTFS in favor of various types of file deposits and their maximum size. Click Next

NTFS partition

10. The process is complete, a new partition has been added to the device

new partition

Delete a Disk Partition that’s on a PC

In addition to adding and dividing new partition allocations, users can also delete them. This, if incorrectly given the size of the allocation can do the following ways:

  1. Open disk management, previously in the partition sharing process.
  2. Right-click on the disk partition to be removed > Select delete Volume
  3. Next, there is a consent note, click OK to continue.
  4. The disk will be“unallocated” after it is removed. To eliminate it, we can restore it to the previous partition (partition E) or add it to another partition.
  5. Right-click on the partition allocation you want to add (example E:) > Extend Volume > Select Next
    extend volume
  6. Next, it will automatically suggest an Unallocated disk partition> Click Next to continue and Finish
    extend alokasi
  7. The process is complete.

How this hard drive partition we have tried before and succeeded 100%, for that please follow the instructions appropriately, and if anything untoward happens is an entirely personal responsibility. It is recommended to back up files that are considered important as a preventive effort.

This method is very useful to divide disk partitions into laptops and computers that if they have a large capacity that can be prioritized for several parts. for Microsoft support

We’ll try it first, before it can be enjoyed publicly, hopefully helping. see interesting tips and other troubleshooting in the article that discusses windows 10.