How to Create Fanspage Facebook for Branding

How do I create a Facebook gaming fanspage, business, and more? Page facilities provided by Facebook can act as a control over more special activities between users, therefore many make Facebook fanspage specifically.

A group or group of experts who become a mecca for people so that they are willing to follow every activity.

Like verification of what you want to highlight, the role of the page becomes something that must be owned by practitioners, business people, groups or communities, experts, and other important roles that need to be described.

In other respects, the role of the page becomes one of the requirements of users to cooperate with Facebook developers in terms of placement of advertising content promotions. Here’s a look at how to create a Facebook fanspage

How to Create a Facebook Fanspage

1. Please visit the Facebook page and login with the user

2. Next find the Page menu, in the left bar in the Facebook screen window.

3. Click the “+” icon, to create a new fanspage.

Create Fanspage

4. Complete the Fanpage information you want to create, such as page name, category, and description representing it, once completed and available, click the create page button

fanspage facebook

In the latest series page window view, users can see the full picture that can be viewed from a desktop or mobile device.

5. Wait for the creation process to be completed, until a popup is successfully created to appear, go to the initial Facebook page and do a refresh or refresh on the browser used. Then the page that was previously will be listed on your Facebook account.

6. Next, complete the page information to explain in more detail the role to be taken.

To customize it is found on several menus on the page, including:

Change Profile photo and Page Background

To add a photo to your profile and how to go through it is easy enough, you can find those settings in the manage page menu >  the homepage on the page. Click the Camera icon to upload the desired photo or image.

change photo fanspage facebook

In adding it, it can be uploaded from the local pc device file, or media taken from a collection of photos that have been uploaded before.

On the background of the page, users can add multiple images and make them move like sliders, please be able to customize them as needed.  Don’t forget to save by clicking the save changes button.

Add Page Complete information

The initial creation stage only includes general information on the page, to add the full information we can visit the manage page menu > edit page info.

On the Page, Users can add information such as contact number, email, related website, Location of business or community, Business hours open close to enable page, and other complete information.

In the menu also users can change the name, description, and role category of the page if you want to replace it, please be equipped to be ready to publish.

Change Page View

Facebook provides several page layouts that users can use, according to the desired content placement.

To change it is very easy, in the settings of the page select the Template and Tab menu, then select edit, there are several options such as standard, designed for business, event venue, nirbala, Politician, a service, online store, or specifically contain video content.

Standard is the initial display settings on the page that can be said to be built-in, please select and just try according to the needs of the role of the page to be taken and see how it differs.

Create a Facebook fanspage by Adding Page Roles

Page roles are used to divide tasks in managing multiple tasks, such as admins, editors, moderators, analytics, and advertisers.

Adding multiple trust team people will help build a responsive and active page role, to do that go to setting  >  page roles.

You can then add people with Facebook name account keywords or emails to be invited and don’t forget to give their authorization role.

Connecting accounts with Instagram and Whatsapp

Users can associate pages with Instagram and WhatsApp social media accounts, this can help the scope of content and roles become wider.

Managing feedback, comments, and feedback from many people and managing it with just one window can be felt when connecting it.

In addition, as one of the conditions to advertise on Instagram is to have a Facebook fanspage, so it is highly recommended to connect it. More actions can be arranged with quick chat replies from WhatsApp businesses.

Find in the settings of the >  Page Instagram  > connect the same account and steps on WhatsApp only different in the distinguished priority menu.

Set up automatic reply messages

Page admins can set automatic replies when other users slice messages, this method is used as a service delivery even though it is not online.

In addition, the Facebook fanspage supports chatbot messages that can provide quick replies to the topic you want to know, of course, it has been set first before.

Find the menu in the settings  >  send messages  > enable the start a conversation menu, then can adjust the text you want to convey to the user by pressing the change button.

And scroll down to find automatic replies on the messenger conversation set up menu,  then users simply adjust and disable some of the functions that support it.

Linking Another fb Fanpage Page

If you have another page partner, users can connect them so they can send and post video content to each other under their own page name. This is especially helpful if you have content similar to the role of other pages.

Enabling it is quite easy, find in the settings  >  Cross post,  then enter the URL or address of the page to be added. please find more information in the community forum

Add a quick button

Quick buttons can be added by admins to facilitate user communication with the role of the page, it will be very helpful in providing fast service to users.

In its own role there are several quick button access that can be used by the page such as, buying gift cards, food messages, messages now, phone, contact us, send messages, and many others.

Find the menu in Manage >  Home pages, click the add button icon next to the page profile.

Of course, some adjustments on the page only represent a large part, please complete all the information that can represent the purpose of the fanspage in depth.

Fanspage itself can be used as a media creator who can make money, by monetizing it so that ads from Facebook will appear in content that users have created before, of course, it must be by its requirements.

In addition, fanspage is often used by some content publications to safely share on Facebook by using website links directly. Create a Facebook fanspage as a way to develop connections that are accommodated in one proper container.

Do things that are not much different from how to create a Facebook business that you are managing and developing.

How do you make this Facebook fan’s page useful for you?