How to Connect Zoom to Youtube Live Streaming

During pandemics, Zoom was widely used in casual, formal, and business meetings online. Some situations make the meeting must be integrated with Youtube Live, to divide slots and ease of access without registration.

It’s easy how to connect zoom to youtube and do live broadcasts simultaneously. The main ingredient needed is a licensed account, it is unfortunate that the free version cannot do it directly but it can still be done.

Don’t worry, integration can still be done with a free or basic account, by utilizing screen recorder software such as obs studio to be able to connect to the youtube platform.

Live Stream Zoom to Youtube with Pro account

Here are the steps to connect virtual meeting zoom to youtube with a professional or paid account.

  1. Log in to Zoom, on the web page to set user account access permissions.
  2. Select the settings menu or settings, which can be found in the window to the left of the user account dashboard.
    Zoom settings
  3. Scroll down and find live streaming meeting permissions, Swipe right on the button and check on the Youtube column, Facebook, as needed. Save to save changes
    meeting zoom
  4. Next, the User opens the zoom app and starts the pre-scheduled meeting. Now the additional live on youtube button can be found in the more menu
    Live zoom to youtube
  5. Click Live On Youtube, to start integrating it. A switch window and popup will appear, Select the account used to allow broadcasts from Zoom.
  6. Select the channel used to display the broadcast from Zoom.
  7. Next, the title of the online meeting is to be shared on youtube. In addition, you can choose from multiple viewing options, such as public or private, tailored to your needs.
  8. Wait for the connecting process to the two platforms to complete, the window is ready to display the broadcast zoom to youtube live.
    zoom live youtube
  9. The process is completed, the meeting will also be broadcast live on the youtube channel. To stop it can press Stop in the more zoom menu.

Use Custom Live Streaming Zoom To Youtube

Custom Live Streaming is used to schedule upcoming meetings, here the Host can create and prepare it in the distant future, both zoom links and youtube that can be shared accent links also at that time.

  1. Re-visit the live streaming meetings settings on the zoom account, enable the Custom Live streaming service by checking it.  Schedule a meeting or webinar as usualZoom custom live streaming
  2. Switch for a while and go to the live streaming youtube page, make a schedule and make adjustments until complete.
  3. Get stream key, steam Url, and Live stream page Url when in the sharing process to be added to zoom
  4. Switch back to zoom, copy and save the key link at a pre-scheduled meeting.
    Configure custum live stream
  5. Start the meeting to start integrating zoom into youtube in a custom streaming.
  6. Select more, and Live on Custom Live Streaming Service
    live streaming custom
  7. Completed, zoom integration to youtube is successfully done before the meeting begins and meeting links from both can be obtained to be shared with meeting participants in the previous day.

If you’re having trouble, you can see the support documentation from zoom about live stream custom zoom to youtube, and don’t hesitate to contact the service to convey if there is a problem as paid user support.

Live stream with Basic Account (free)

There is always a way that can be done, zoom integration to other platforms can be done by a free account though, the way with the help of third-party applications or software. Screen recorder software that can perform this task, not only displays the desktop display but the audio output can also be included in it. Here’s the full stage

  1. Please download and install software obs studio
  2. Add source media display capture to capture the zoom app screen
  3. Also, add Source Output Video Capture,
  4. Input youtube stream key  to OBS studio, access to Live streaming settings to add it
  5. Click the Start streaming button in obs studio.

The OBS studio usage guide can be seen in how to set up OBS Studio

In addition to Connecting Zoom to Youtube, users can also broadcast their meetings to Facebook. By checking on the licensing box facebook stage 3 above. More fully, users can adjust to the needs, and follow the instructions displayed.

The difference between premium accounts with free, more on the convenience without having to use third-party applications, and there is a zoom label on the streaming platform. The problem that can arise when using obs is that the sound from zoom sometimes does not appear, so some adjustments need to be considered properly.

That’s how to connect zoom to Youtube, get answers about other zoom problems. Such as changing your username when you join, or tips on using Zoom to stay safe while using it. May it be useful