How to Change PowerPoint to Pdf

How do I change PowerPoint to pdf? The use of Pdf files or (Portable Document Format) is indeed a lightweight document file extension and can be opened on many devices through a web browser or additional supporting applications.

Are you looking for a solution on how to convert PowerPoint files to pdf? it is very easy to do, curious how? This article will help you answer that.

The conversion of files from one to the other, often done by several people for situational purposes.

Let’s say you’re creative by creating a word (doc)file, but people want it more in pdf form.

Some cases are quite annoying, but needs such as facilitating delivery are also the reason some people, whatever it is let’s know how to convert ppt extension file to pdf, here is a review:

How to Change PowerPoint to Pdf with Built-in Apps

PowerPoint application also has a feature for file export purposes, this will make you take advantage of its features without the need for additional parties, how? Let’s take the following steps:

  1. Please open the PowerPoint app on your computer or laptop device
  2. Next, open the ppt file that you want to change to pdf by opening the file menu  >>  open file or recent menu if the file if it is still available there.
    example file:
    Powerpoint to pdf
  3. After your file has successfully opened, please run again to the Save >> &  Send  >>  File menu Create Pdf /Xps Document
    export power point to pdf
  4. Next, please determine where the export file is stored.
  5. Done, and try to open the file what matches the original file?

File has been turned into pdf, then now what if we have a ppt file but are not on the computer and laptop is not carried away, while we really need the pdf file?

Relax there are other ways to convert ppt files to pdf with the help of web tools alias online, curious yuk find out in the following way.

Change ppt to pdf on Laptop online

The use of online Web Tools can also be used, this is to solve cases such as the above, the help from the provider can certainly be an alternative option.

But keep in mind there will always be view files or usage that is not allowed because the data has been recorded on their servers, therefore this becomes an alternative step, and public files alias, not secret files, okay.

Several providers provide file export features including, Ilovepdf,  Smallpdf,  free pdf convert,  pdf2go, and another free web. This time we will try to demo one of the only  ilovepdf, here are the steps:

  1. Please visit the web tool by instantiating the keyword ilovepdf on the search engine.ilove png
  2. Next, click the select menu of PowerPoint files and select the file to convert.
  3. Convert by clicking the menu button, wait until the process is complete.
  4. The file will be automatically downloaded, otherwise please click download to get the pdf file and it is finished.

Change ppt to Pdf on android

Android devices make it possible to change certain extension files or convert with the support of the application, widely available in the play store you can try a ppt to pdf converter.

Its use is quite easy to just install, prepare the documents to be converted> wait for the > process and see the results.

Well, that’s how to change PowerPoint to pdf with offline and online, which one do you choose to do this task?

oh yes demo done using Microsoft office 2010, if you use the series on it, just adjust it is not much different maybe just the layout please read the reference.

Why use the 2010 Series, according to the authors because this version is most stable and not too complicated. Its use as well as lightweight, has previously tried the 2013 series and others, but it depends on the assessment of each user.

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