How to Change Name Zoom Participant PC or Smartphone

Changing your own name in zoom is often done by some users in attending a casual meeting or official forum. The identity that appears can be adjusted to the needs that are cooled by each user.

For example, you have a long enough name or prefer to use abbreviations on the prefix or suffr ending. It requires users to rename their profile when joining or with previous adjustments.

Making name changes is not as difficult as in real life, it is very easy for each user to do independently, here’s how to change the name in zoom:

How to change a Name in a zoom that takes place

This step involves users who have joined a forum and want to make changes in the middle of their meeting. Usually, this happens because of host or host instructions that require adding a sub/section identity, to easily group the room (Breakout Room) or just as an identification badge.

change name zoom participant

On PC Devices

  1. Please go to the“Participants” menu that appears in the bottom window, where it contains information of all the joined users, find your own Username.
  2. Next, select the“More” menu to display its advanced settings.
  3. Select“Rename” to make changes to the user’s identity, then can adjust to the desired name.
  4. Press OK, The name change was successfully made.

How to change the name in smartphone zoom

  1. Not much different, please open the menu“Participants” on the menu that appears under the user window.
  2. Select the “Rename” Menu to change the identity of the user name yourself.
  3. Done, the username change on the mobile device was successfully made.

Host/Host Role

In addition to doing so independently by each user, the Host or Host role can perform a help step to change the other username one by one.

The trick is quite easy and not much different, by visiting the Menu“Participants” and selecting the user to be changed. How to Change Names in zoom Before Meeting

The user profile becomes the initial picture that will appear on a virtual meeting forum. It’s a good thing to make adjustments first before entering the meeting room so as not to do so in the middle of an ongoing meeting. Follow the following ways:

On PC Devices

  1. Please go to the zoom settings menu on the front page, or click the profile user photo icon, then go to the settings menu.
  2. Select the Profile menu >> Edit Profile, then it will be directed at the default browser that will open the change request. Yes, this step will direct the user to the zoom web page itself.
  3. Fill in the first name and last name information

On Mobile Devices

  1. Please visit the settings menu on the front page, go to the basic settings above, unite with the user’s photo profile.
  2. Select the user profile, change the first and last name as desired.

How to Change a Name before Joining or Joining

Adjustments and name changes can be made before joining the forum, where the user will fill out the name on the input form that will later be displayed as his identity. But this method is done by users who do not install zoom applications specifically but instead use browser access to do their job.

  1. Please open the invitation link invitation, Select launch meeting,they will be displayed Join from your browser
  2. Next comes the popup window of the username filling form and do not forget to check ReCaptcha for login
  3. True, the step does not require the user to sign in with user zoom, but if you want to join must enter the identity from the beginning and wait for approval from the host to participate.

Those are some of the ways in changing their own name in zoom and adjusting user identity in support of the interests of each user’s virtual meeting forum. If it is difficult to install the zoom application in windows 10  can read the guide link and more fully use the zoom application. read more Cara Mengubah Nama Sendiri di Zoom PC & Smartphone