Best Way to Set OBS Studio for Gaming

Find obstacles when live stream games with obs studio? like low video quality, intermittent audio, or haven’t tried it because it doesn’t find the right setting? Exactly what you’re visiting here.

Several factors make streamers will feel satisfied live stream using  OBS Studio. Adjusting the appropriate bitrate to be the main key, the bitrate is the amount of data transmitted in a matter of bits per second,  in some cases it can increase to megabits per second.

The data transferred refers to audio and video,  the larger the numbers sent,  the more balanced the quality displayed.   Of course, the risk of high demand will result in the performance of the device to provide large resources.

Understanding the condition of the device owned is the first step to achieving optimal conditions in a live broadcast.  Understand some adjustments,  then applying them will be the right formula for you to get.

Live Stream Game with OBS Studio

Starting with it,  first, the streamers must have obs studio software that can be obtained for free and supports multi-platform  (Windows OS, Linux OS,  MacOs). Further understanding the basics of Settings becomes the provision to understand this process, do not worry the guide can be read obs settings start.

The recommended system to run  OBS, which is supported direct  X 10.1 which is compatible with  GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and at least Windows 7  or series on it. The Open GL 3.3 supports, macOS operating system that is compatible with  GPUs, Intel CPU  but  PPC is not supported, and at least  MacOs  10.12, as well as  Linux support Open GL 3.3.

The addition of a Graphics Card on the device becomes mandatory for streamers to get satisfactory process rendering.    At least the GTX 600  to  RTX Super Graphic series will be completely recommended by anyone and certainly not cheap.

View Game and  Streammer  Screens

OBS can display source screenshots of applications running on the device and combine them with some elements such as the display of a streamer camera.  The process of adding it is quite easy by clicking the “+”  icon on the Sources sheet.  

Video Capture device,  will make access to the camera source on either built-in devices or extras such as webcams for streamers face displays.  Windows capture,  will capture the activity of the game application during strimmer using obs studio.

obs studio game

Combine the two,  Layout,  then filter the display of the streamer camera so that it can blend with the game screen.   Use the Chromakey filter, by right-clicking on the added video capture source and the green screen as the background color selector.

Audio In and Out Adjustments

Audio is the source of input sound from the device obtained from the  Mic recorder or webcam in a particular series.  The sound of the streamer will be recorded on the device which can then be issued with other source elements.

Add To Source OBS  Audio Input Capture,  select the appropriate device driver, do the same step if it has more than one input sound source.

obs audio

Audio Out is the opposite of input sound, where the system will emit sound generated from the screen application or voice streamer.

The combination of sound inputs from multiple sources must be managed to  Accentuate the main elements.  In addition,  its use must be realized so that no sound collision is quite disturbing.

Set and  Add  Output Sound,   by adding Audio Out Capture to the SOURCE OBS,  Swipe left on the blue bar to reduce the volume click the icon to disable it quickly.

Bitrate  Usage Formula

Understanding bitrate calculations in obs is the key to streamers getting their best performance.  The setting presented is not with high, low,  good, or very bad description text, but the number of thousands that is quite confusing.

For Audio, the bitrate range is at 64 (Very low),96(low),128 (medium), 192 (High), 256 (HighQuality), and 320 (High and very good).  The medium rate can be a  start to try,  if you have problems can lower it or feel dissatisfied to rise to high quality.

While video,  the recommended rate is  at    400 (270 pixels), 800 (360 pixels), 1200 (480 pixels), 1500 (720 pixels), 40000 (1080 Pixels), 8000 (4  rb  pixels).

We can combine the audio rate at    128 (medium) and video at 1200(high)  for good medium quality.  The better the support of the device it is perfectly permissible to upgrade to the highest quality.

Bitrate Youtube streaming

Some platforms such as youtube have different rate calculations. rates  with  numbers  300 – 700  will  get a quality of 240 pixels,  400  to  1000 (360p), 500-2000 (480p), 1500-4000 (720P), 3000-6000 (1080p) and  more  on the bitrate  youtube stream page.

Rate facebok Gaming kreator

Recommended with a rate of 3000  for   720 Pixel quality, action games set to  4500 (720 pixels 60 fps), and play games with a relaxed tempo but high video quality such as playing hearthstone rate 6000 (1080 pixels 60 fps), More found in  Facebook gaming creator article.

Free without  a stable Internet connection

Of course, live broadcasts will require a fairly high internet connection, download, and upload rate speed.   The comparison should be in line with the rate of the video to be displayed so that the rendering process runs well and reduces the waiting time.

A good connection is obtained from accessing a LAN  cable line directly than using wifi,  as it will be more stable. So it will reduce the fractures when getting the best moment in the game.

In conclusion,  get the most out of living stream games with  OBS  with capable devices, stable internet connection, and correct bitrate setting. One of them is not there or reduced will lower the expectation of the results to be obtained.

How will you live stream the game today with obs studio?   What game are you going to play?