Best Alternative OBS Studio Options for Broadcast

Obs Software(Open Broadcasting Software) Studio is known to have powerful quality in supporting Live Broadcast or streaming activities and Video recording.

Features that can be added by users such as webcam camera interaction, Sound Mixer, Desktop Screenshot, Studio Mode, Streaming platform Integration (Youtube, Facebook Gaming, Twich, and others), background-color selection features so that they can blend in using Chroma Key.

Many are used by content creators such as YouTubers as their mainstay weapon, in addition to being free OBS Studio knows very well what they need.

Best OBS Studio Alternative Software

Powerful features presented by OBS force the system on the device to work harder, making a computer or laptop with a low standard will experience many obstacles. Overcome this by choosing another alternative with features that are not much different.

Alternative OBS


XSplit, one of the legendary streaming and recording software, appeared in 2009 making it a reference from other software indirectly.

The greatness offered by XSplit in supporting the live broadcast process and video recording is very professional.

Automatic streaming features, equipped with AI(Artificial Intelligence)with Machine Learning, Integration to streaming platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twich) comes with Discord and community support users who can help each other when there are problems in using or just sharing experiences.

Xsplit can be used with a free or free license but does not completely mean there are still limits, such as:

  1. There will be Watermark when activating higher resolution 720p and high image frequency 30 fps
  2. Presentation limited to 4 scenes
  3. Unable to integrate into the streaming platform
  4. and some features will be locked

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Known as one of the software that has complete features, it can be an option for users who are happy with a combination of certain objects in the streamers window.

Its easy use, with advanced controller integration, has similarities to obs on some of its features, such as Chroma Key which can select and combine background colors.

Its complement with Unlimited source that can be used, Desktop Web capture, Stock media library, Replay vulnerable time &timer, and other features can be found in the software.

However, Broadcaster can use this software by buying it for about $559 and the Pro Version $799, see the price updated on its official website page.


Being one of the Video Mixer and Switcher software that takes advantage of the latest advancements by presenting a combination of HD Video Quality.

In addition, Vmix can be used as one of the live streaming media, which allows the interaction of streamers with followers to interact on one of the platforms.

Presenting a professional look, it is suitable for users who have experience and advanced stages in broadcasting.

It supports multiple stream inputs and a maximum of 4 outputs, providing GPU acceleration (General Processing Unit) that allows streaming H264 or HEVC and Vmix video converter that can change the video format at the end of the recording.

Vmix gives you 60 days to try it for free.


FFslip is designed for professional needs that can be used easily and quickly completed. Equipped with outstanding performance makes it able to provide the best performance so that users can focus on the final result.

FFsplit provides a lightweight utility to use as video recording or live broadcast. The interesting thing is that it can be used completely free and open source for plans.

New Blue Stream

New Blue stream provides what it needs for powerful video streaming, comes with features of up to 4 camera inputs, 4 audio inputs, the maximum output resolution of 1080 30p, Stinger transitions, Available templates for use, and an unlimited number of graphics.

Users can try Blue Stream for free on a 14-day trial period and a monthly subscription of about $19.99 can be canceled at any time when it’s no longer in use.

Some of the alternative obs can be tried directly, visit the official website page to get the software.

Of the few options, most have to pay to get support because OBS studio becomes the main choice in presenting free features, community support, and multi-platform support.

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