Advantages of Zoom Premium than basic account

Starting online meetings using zoom is nothing new nowadays, people have become accustomed to doing so and can even fill all their productive time when a pandemic hits.

Access to the meetings presented, giving users insight into how technology can bring them together in a digital container known as a video conference.

Zoom Conference provides its own features that are superior to google meet, Microsoft teams, or skype for some people, even if it is a basic or free account license.

This option brings some people to want to get more features than zoom by increasing licenses to professional, business, or enterprise accounts.

Access more control, user management with technical support from user services becomes one that can be obtained by users berlanglangan from the advantages of premium zoom.

Advantages of Premium Zoom – No-Limit Time

Basic or free account users should at least arrange meetings in such a way as to fit the approximately 40 minutes allowed at a time.

Responsibility indeed, especially if you are discussing an issue that needs detailed details such as work projects, or learning between lecturers and students.

Getting a longer deadline of up to 30 hours in one meeting will be obtained by professional, business, and enterprise accounts.

A very long time limit, effectively there is no time limit given to the advantages of premium zoom that will be very felt.

The capacity of many participants

The capacity to join a meeting is certainly a problem in itself to hold a big event.

Limitations in a free account cannot be relied upon to create a meeting event that must be attended by many people that only contains 100 participants.

Get more by upgrading it, pro accounts can contain 100 participants with 1-9 licenses per account, businesses load 300 participants with 10-99 licenses per account, and 500 to 1000 participants for enterprise accounts.

Easy Streaming Integration

Regular users can’t find the live streaming integration button in their meeting window, making integration with platforms like youtube require the help of third parties like Open Broadcasting Software.

Of course, for creative users in mastering third-party application software is not complicated, but not for others who do not know about it.

Users who subscribe will be given access to live streaming integration services that can be set up very easily and in one control button.

Integration support can be obtained such as Live streaming to Facebook, Youtube, or custom streaming that can be associated with the Stream-key Code on each platform.

Create a streaming schedule before the meeting and share it can be done by paid subscribers.

Recording Cloud or Local storage

Meetings or meeting forums are not always able to be attended by all members, just as in online conferences, some members are sometimes unable to attend.

Zoom professionals and businesses can provide the facility to record and store through the cloud of 1 GB / licensed and local accounts.

If it feels less, you can choose to subscribe to an enterprise account with Unlimited Cloud storage and local storage access.

No more members are left with important information because they do not attend a meeting or just a recording for documentation of reports in the company.

User Management

Another advantage of premium zoom, where owners and admins can set the use of subscription accounts that can be accessed by any user, both to add, delete and set other uses.

This subscription will get access settings for services that are with individual user management or teams with sub-users.

Each account in a circle that has management access can create a meeting schedule, set up live streaming independently.

Dividing loads into activities that tend to be dense and intense can be completed quickly through the user’s management feature on the admin panel.

Pro accounts will get 1-9 licenses per account, business 10-99 licenses/accounts, and Enterprise more than 50 licenses/accounts.

CO-Host and Alternative Hosts

Have you ever opened a large meeting attended by many members or become one of them? Of course, the number of joining makes it a little less conducive if done just like that.

Hosts as superusers in a meeting have to go a little extra mile to keep undisciplined members from following the rules.

Either turn off the speaker of annoying members, perform speaker spotlights, Pins, or remove access from illegal outside members.

The division of tasks can be done by appointing other committees in the meeting and making it as C0-Host, where the management features will be similar to the main controller of the host.

Breakout Room

Ever heard of breakout room instructions when attending meetings? Breakout room itself is a facility that will be obtained by subscription users with the advantage of creating a new space without having to exit the main room.

The new space that is created can be said to be special rooms entered by members who have been determined by the host.

For example, in a meeting, all class members in the force are joined in the same zoom, and for the needs of the tent can divide it into a special room with the division of each class, such as IPA 1, IPA 2, or others.

The breakout room itself becomes the fa├žade of the discussion room for a particular section, which can divide it according to the criteria of the member without having to create a new meeting link.


Immersive becomes the latest premium Zoom Advantage Feature that is presented where users can take advantage of virtual room facilities in the zoom meeting.

Giving a slightly different look in the meeting that takes place, each member can enter in the same frame as in a movie theater.

Each member can sit on an empty chair that appears on the virtual screen with only the face visible and like blending with the virtual background, this feature may also be found in the basic account.

Privilege domain

Sharing access links to members to join becomes a widely used way rather than providing personal meeting codes and passwords.

Domain privileges make the link combination loaded differently than usual, if it will generally create a zoom character followed by the domain extension, the domain privileges feature can change it with the domain access we have.

For example, a company has the main website access domain persuahaanA[dot]com, so its zoom access link can use the additional domain.

CompanyA[dot]com. zoom/link invitations, Impress more professionals, create a brand and create warmer encounters with your own domain shade.

LTI Integration

Integration with Learning Tools such as Canvas, Blackboard, and others can be done very easily by paid license account users.

The integration feature makes it easy to schedule teacher and student meetings that can be fit in the learning tools platform.

To simplify access information using other applications beyond learning tools, this advanced level makes all activities intertwined in the same container.

SSO account

SSO or single sign-on is a facility that can be used by members, where the zoom account used to join is reinforced with other privilege accounts in one gate.

For example, a company has access to an account followed by the privileges of its domain, and its members used to use the account to access company facilities, such as email or information portals.

With SSO, company members can use accounts obtained from the company without having to create a special account, so that one account can be used to access all access to application facilities.

Technical Support

Technical support becomes a must exist when you decide to subscribe to a technology application because it will relate to the use and problems faced.

Paid users get complete technical support facilities, starting live chat, sending complaint tickets, and other processes that can help the problem.

Admin panel

Admin panels become the advantage of a premium zoom over free ones, useful as a controller or control portal, where licensed users can set the features that will be presented when the meeting is directed.

For example, enabling the feature automatically turns off a user’s microphone when joining, turns off comment access, sets youtube channel integration for streaming, retrieves record data results, and many others.

Of course, in addition to the 13 advantages of premium zoom, users can find other interesting things when they have tried it directly.

The upgrade process itself, zoom compares pro accounts $14.99/month,/license, business accounts $19.99/month/license, and enterprise accounts $19.99/month/license, see the latest price in zoom pricing.

Or you can buy it from a trusted partner provider, read more 13 Kelebihan Zoom Premium atau Berbayar