Advantages of Streamlabs compared to obs studio

OBS Studio has presented features to support powerful video recording and streaming, let’s call it the addition of input cameras from several sources that are combined with the display of user content in one layout.

Success in presenting features successfully attracted the hearts of professional and amateur users with all the limitations of their knowledge.

No one doubts how OBS Studio Displays its output, high quality with the right sound mixture in addition to chroma-key filters can be devoured into one,

See how to open broadcasting software is very familiar with streamers youtube, Facebook gaming, twitch, and other platforms.

Trying a little hard, yes it will certainly be found by OBS users, understanding input media, output, frames, and layout become the main capital, especially creativity to combine interesting content becomes a problem for some people.

Interestingly, Streamlabs comes to answer that anxiety, along with obs features that are added with theme facilities that can be downloaded and directly used at a moment.

Users will be easy with a quick scene layout, adjustments only take a few minutes so that the streamers can stream at any time.

Advantages of Streamlabs OBS, Streaming becomes easier

Streamlabs OBS is one of the broadcasting software that has full features presented in interesting widgets, with an application usage screen that is easy to set up and adjusted to your needs, providing a different experience when you think difficult on other software when streaming.

adventage streamlabs obs

What are the advantages of streamlabs that can be offered, here is the full review:

Integration of any media resource

Media resources become important for broadcasting, support for it can be said to be the main heart, what happens when streaming or video footage is not presented.

Streamlabs supports input sources from media variations, such as webcam cameras, digital cameras, screen screens, application/game displays, audio mics, mixers, and others that can be combined in one window of the same screen or different on another scene.

The integration of media source or resources can display the game window along with the player, do not worry about how the output results are combined with many media, can be arranged with hiding and unhide features that are visible in the eye icon on each source so that the selection of media that appears can be done without having to set it again.

Select the preferred user layout

Usage layouts or main application windows play a role in success, the layout of the media is required to be easy to access especially not confusing when used. On streamlabs users can choose their own application layout whether it has 4, 5 function windows in a stack or more of it.

Make the move from one content media to another quickly without wrong in choosing the scene presented, this is very helpful when other broadcasting software looks stiff with its built-in layout.

Simplify the use of the main content in one screen, the selection of the adjusted layout will be very useful.

Provide interesting Themes and Scene

Users can download the themes they like in the available stores, the dominance of game-nuanced themes becomes its own support for gaming streamers. The installed theme is elastic, meaning it can be adjusted to each need very easily.

See how the magic provided, streamlabs can shorten the layout construction time for streaming, amateur users will look like professionals when they see the results of the output display.

Unlimited with themes themed certain games, but many genres such as adventure, shooter, strategy and others presented in the store, or choosing favorite colors are able in the search for themes able to do.

Widget library and alerts are available

Widgets will help layout planning quickly, without difficult efforts users can conceptualize video streaming easily, show the best speech to followers with animations that have been in the previous setting can be done with widget alerts, get on the store for interesting variations.

Other available widgets such as, donation, even list,  viewer count,  stream label,  banner sponsor,  chatbox, and up to credit that can be displayed, make a combination of interesting widgets so that the audience feels more at home watching your streaming.

Create a professional streaming process with a replay widget on certain scene sections you can do with Streamlabs OBS and it will be difficult to find in OBS Studio software.

Live broadcast on Multiplatform

Another advantage of Streamlabs by providing user facilities to perform live video on different platforms simultaneously, for example on youtube and Facebook gaming or twitch at one time. No need to put more effort when you want to broadcast on a different channel, make it easier with just one click to go live in the streamlabs application window.

No need for additional PC devices or settings specifically, make everything easier with OBS streamlabs, interesting things you will find others, such as overplay features.

OBS studio with Streamlabs OBS arguably has similar features, it’s just that the advantages of streamlabs will be very easy to use with the help of widgets and alerts available.

When you get used to Setup OBS Studio it will be easy to make adjustments when switching, and it’s great that you can continue the project that has been created before in OBS by sending it without any fear of being left behind.

The thing to see apart from the advantages of streamlabs is to get the full feature, then users must upgrade to prime service, read more 5 Kelebihan Streamlabs dibandingkan OBS Studio