10 Disadvantages Wifi Network Device Rarely known

The lack of wifi networks needs to be realized for intense use or relying on such technology becomes the main need in spreading internet connection in a region.

Some people prefer to get internet access through a wireless connection or often known as WIFI, this basis is where many store services, cafes, and public facilities implement this one network implementation.

Advantages in the number of users’ access are minimal in infrastructure, supporting a wide range of devices including mobile, and more controlled priority management.

It is quite a reference for users in the best connectivity, but it turns out that there are things that are of concern for its development and deployment.

What are the disadvantages of a wifi network?

There is nothing wrong with using a WIFI connection to access the internet. It would be nice to know the connection in terms of security, stability, and comparison that will lead to the best choice. Here are the shortcomings of Wireless that you can know:

Unstable Connectivity

If you are an intense wireless network user, it will feel like a situation where the connection is slow.

This problem can occur because of the function in processing, accommodating, deploying, controlling like a computer equipped with programs and hardware.

If you have ever experienced a system that does not work while using a computer that causes some closed tasks to be similar to wifi, especially if having multi-task provides IP Address and accommodates user queues.

In addition, its nature that propagates through waves, in some cases the distance of the device with the center affects the smooth access provided.

So do not be surprised if it is different from the internet package selected from the provider, for example, you pay months of thousands for 20MB and received from the modem to wifi and then captured by the device only half.

Different if the medium propagates through a direct cable network, stability can be fulfilled properly because, the process of sending and receiving data information has a different path, so there are no queues and waiting processes.

You can try checking the difference between the two with download and upload speed tests on the web that support this, such as Speedtest by 0okla.

Disadvantages Wifi Network

Reset Frequently to Default Settings

Have you ever been connected when you have no internet connection? The problem does not always occur from the provider but needs to check the wifi setting you use.

Some cases have experienced no change to the SSID  (ServerSet Identifier), but the settings of IP Address, DHCP, Gateway, and  DNS  change 100%, it will change the configuration compatibility with the service modem.

Internet access will not be obtained until you adjust the settings again. The device does not get an IP address and there is no response on the modem packet that provides internet connectivity.

Frequent Errors and Malfunctions

Not only often back reset, WIFI devices that are often used and turned on for 24 hours, are vulnerable to malfunctions.

In this case, the user does not get internet access even though the set-up package obtained is appropriate, it can be said that the performance malfunctioned or there was a service that did not work according to the procedure.

Users need to reboot to restore their functionality as they all are, which is the problem if the position of the device installed at a distance that is difficult to reach for example on the roof and remote access management does not work, will be very troublesome.

Make the entire network Down

It has an attentive mode, where it can choose Bridge or adjust settings similar to modems, and routing has priority in the desired settings.

The use of both models has its own advantages and disadvantages, in that asset the crowd uses Routing mode to lighten the load of the main modem.

The problem here is when the service has a different management point performing tasks such as providing IP addresses and imposing queues enough to create a large load on the device, therefore it will encounter some malfunctions and errors that affect the entire network by giving the wrong broadcast.

This is especially difficult if one area of the network has more than 20 devices, you have to check the one-on-one path both physically and in command.

Vulnerable to Data Breach and Misuse

The connectivity model with wave emission through SSID access (service set identifier)has its own shortcomings.

Users with access are allowed and unable to capture SSID  within its distance scope. Some will not take issue with this because it has been equipped with  WPA2 PSK Key security but did not rule out the possibility that a break-in could occur.

The bad thing that can be described is that all the information is associated with the same network and it is easy for hackers to lock, retrieve or destroy the entire center of the network.

Therefore, the use of hiding SSID  for private access is very necessary but not to be applied to public facilities.

In addition, when viewed from the user’s side, do not easily access wifi that is less trusted with the lure of not including a password and fast access, because the device can be collaborated with other hardware support to accommodate all information and activities from its users.

It is recommended not to open sensitive data such as mobile banking, pro game accounts, social media asset data carelessly.

Access of users who can join Is Limited

Not all types and brands can accommodate users with similar numbers and many, but it has optimal limits to provide its services.

When you try to sign in to public access if you experience connection control, the device can no longer accommodate.

The choice is to wait for another user to leave the service or be randomly removed to enter a new user who asks to join.

The thing that the author once tried with the powerful Cisco E2500 series Wifi accommodates about 17 stable Users, and The Netgear AC1900 can be 32 Stable access with a price difference of both halving where Netgear is more expensive.

Wave Radius Limit between Devices

In the installation of the number in one area, it is necessary to pay attention to the wave coverage, otherwise, there will be a wave collision.

Devices that have the best hardware and support can close series devices underneath. In this case, although close the SSID  can not be captured by the user’s device, the distance is caught.

If you’ve ever experienced such a case, there’s more than one similar band wave, where the best support can close or block other beams.

Unfortunately, this is the case, except to apply repeater mode where it is very mandatory to approach the coverage area.

Difficulty penetrating Space with Concrete Construction

When in a room that has concrete construction, not only cellular signals are difficult to get, cableless wave access is difficult to get.

It is unfortunate to have a dual-band wave connection, which can be used to prioritize a particular room with a different  SSID.

Need additional devices

In support of the optimal variety of functions, some types must be combined with other devices to achieve these goals. Such as Router Devices in addition if using a point access type that does not support routing packets in it.

Need power and power source

This becomes the main staple where WIFI devices can work if they get an electrical power source. The problem is if you intend to install it in a certain place, the power line needs to be included in your design.

If this is not fulfilled it will really be a lack of wifi network that is quite real.

For its own latest model connection, Wireless Technology supports different bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 5 GHz becomes a good connection signal but the drawback needs higher user device support otherwise SSID will not be caught by ordinary devices.

Those are some of the shortcomings of WIFI networks that are of particular concern by users, For more lack remains the best choice in simple and optimal convenience, especially with the emergence of portable wifi technology that further simplifies it.

Some users often do not pay attention to this, but it means a lot to the technicians, and this is reviewed based on the author’s experience while being a network technician, hopefully useful.